Humanity Mediators for Devlopment
I will not stop until the war stops!

I will not stop until the war stops!

Here is a short video of the success story of the local mediator and the head of the Humanity Mediators for Development.

The video reviews the beginning story of Hadi in his humanitarian mission in the field of mediation to make the exchange deals for prisoners, detainees, and missing persons dead of the parties to the conflict, in addition, he addresses some of the difficulties and challenges that he and his team faced during the work in the field.

Hadi and his team's vision is to search for the missing on the battlefields and to release all detainees and prisoners from prisons. He seeks to contribute to the promotion and building of peace through the mission to which he devoted his life.

The video is produced by Civil Alliance Peace (CAP)

Story Information

  • Story Date: 2022-08-19
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