Humanity Mediators for Devlopment

About US

The Humanitarian Action Organization is a non-governmental organization that launched a youth initiative in January 2016, by a group of young people interested in work and human rights.

Officially registered in the Ministry of Social Affairs in October 2019. The organization works in the areas of mediation, protection, response, response, response and advocacy, and aims to respond to the emergency situation in response to situations and the need for emergency and conflict situations, in addition to providing services and advocating for their issues at the local and international levels.

Our Message

It is with the values of humanity, response, neutrality, and partnership, that we seek to meet the needs of the conflict-affected people and provide them with protection, rehabilitation, and reintegration. We also aim to build the capacities of actors and stakeholders and support the mediators' efforts to create an enabling environment that entrenches a culture for protecting the civil, political, and economic rights of the target people and preserves their dignity.

Our Vision

A society that protects human dignity

Our Value

  • Humanity
  • Respons
  • Neutrality
  • partnership
  • Transparency