Humanity Mediators for Devlopment
Humanitarian Ambassador Hadi Jamaan

Humanitarian Ambassador Hadi Jamaan

A short documentary video that highlights the most important previous efforts and successful deals of the local mediator and head of the Humanitarian Mediators Organization Hadi Jamaan, regarding the file of exhumation and exchanging of bodies between the parties to the conflict in Yemen, as a model that reflects the important role and efforts made by local mediators in the peacebuilding process.
This short video was produced as part of the peacebuilding initiatives undertaken by members of the youth team to support mediation in the governorates of Marib and Al-Jawf, in cooperation with the Deep Root Foundation and with funding from the European Union, to support and enhance local mediation efforts in the exhumation and exchange of bodies. The video highlights the importance of this file and its relevance to the humanitarian aspect, and the important role these efforts play in bringing the two sides of the conflict closer to sitting at the dialogue table.

Story Information

  • Story Date: 2022-05-26
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