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Humanity Mediators is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded in January 2016 as a youth initiative by a group of young people interested in humanitarian and human rights work. Officially registered by the Ministry of Social Affairs in January 2021.

The organization works in the field of mediation, protection, humanitarian response, and advocacy. Humanity Mediators aim to mitigate the effects of armed conflicts by responding to the needs of the most affected and conflict-affected groups, providing protection services, and advocating their issues on both local and international levels.. . .

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Recovering Bodies Project

Activity outcomes: The exchange of 85 bodies in all governorate Swapping 27 bodies in Marib

Recovering and swapping bodies of the dead with dignity project

Activity Outcomes: Recovering and swapping 61 bodies23   By the legitimate government38 By The Houthis' Ansarullah groupOutcomes: Recovering and swapping 61 bodies23   By the legitimate government38 By The Houthis' Ansarullah group'

Psychological support and protection of children and women in emergencies project

Acitivity Outcomes: a training course and awareness campaigns on psychological support and child protection in emergenciesBeneficiaries: 1500 women and 4000 students

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Last News

HMD Signs Institutional Strengthening Agreement


As part of our orientation towards applying governance standards to strengthen our institutional capabilities to achieve a high response to humanitarian and societal needs with appropriate quality and efficiency. A contract was signed between DevPro Consulting and Training and The Humanity... Read More.

The head of the HMD receives the Aurora Prize, the highest award in human rights work.


Aurora Humanitarian Organization announced the victory of the Aurora Humanitarian Awakening Prize for 2022 by community mediator Hadi Jumaan, Head of the Humanity Mediators for Development. Of the 600 participants from 60 countries around the world, the young Yemeni man won the Aurora... Read More.

The HMD succeeds in recovering more than 25 dead bodies of parties to the conflict.


The HMD succeeded in recovering more than 25 dead bodies of both parties in Al-Jawf, Marib, and Sana’a governorates in January 2022. Three field teams of volunteers were formed in the HMD, who in turn carried out searching for the bodies' whereabouts that are still lying in the yards of the... Read More.

Success Stories

I will not stop until the war stops!

Here is a short video of the success story of the local mediator and the head of the Humanity Mediators for Development.

The video reviews the beginning story of Hadi in his humanitarian mission in the field of mediation to make the exchange deals for prisoners, detainees, and missing persons dead of the parties to the conflict, in addition, he addresses some of the difficulties and challenges that he and his team faced during the work in the field.

Hadi and his team's vision is to search for the missing on the battlefields and to release all detainees and prisoners from prisons. He seeks to contribute to the promotion and building of peace through the mission to which he devoted his life.

The video is produced by Civil Alliance Peace (CAP)

Humanitarian Ambassador Hadi Jamaan

A short documentary video that highlights the most important previous efforts and successful deals of the local mediator and head of the Humanitarian Mediators Organization Hadi Jamaan, regarding the file of exhumation and exchanging of bodies between the parties to the conflict in Yemen, as a model that reflects the important role and efforts made by local mediators in the peacebuilding process.
This short video was produced as part of the peacebuilding initiatives undertaken by members of the youth team to support mediation in the governorates of Marib and Al-Jawf, in cooperation with the Deep Root Foundation and with funding from the European Union, to support and enhance local mediation efforts in the exhumation and exchange of bodies. The video highlights the importance of this file and its relevance to the humanitarian aspect, and the important role these efforts play in bringing the two sides of the conflict closer to sitting at the dialogue table.

Hadi Jamaan .. Nominate for the Aurora Humanitarian Award for the year 2022

A short video produced by Aurora Humanitarian Organization that highlights the efforts of community mediator Hadi Jamaan, President of Mediators Humanitarian Foundation, recipient of the Aurora Prize for Humanitarian Awakening for the year 2022, the award given annually as a tribute to the most prominent humanitarian actors around the world in appreciation of their humanitarian efforts.

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